About Fluorophores.org

Fluorophores.org is a web database for fluorescent dyes (fluorophores) or more generally luminescent dyes. The objective of the project is to provide a free, accurately, high utility and comprehensive catalogue of fluorescent dyes, their properties and applications. The initiators of Fluorophores.org intend to create a usefull tool for scientists working with fluorescence (luminescence).

Data is collected by individuall submission. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to contribute. Submission is open for profit as well as non-profit organisations. All records are reviewed after their submission to provide high quality data.

Access to all the data produced by the project, and to the software used to analyse and present it, is provided free and without constraints. Some data and software may be subject to third-party constraints.

Features of the database Fluorophores:

  • Collection of fluorescent compounds
  • Display of absorption and fluorescence spectra
  • Multiple Spectra Viewer - shows spectral data of several records in one chart
  • listing of optical properties (λmax, extinction coefficient, ε, lifetime, conditions, etc.)
  • listing of applications
  • Chemical structures
  • listing of dye availability: commercial or academic source
  • Data collection by individual submission (everybody can post records via a web-interface)
  • Review of all submissions to provide high quality data
  • Output formats: Screen, Print